My obsession with Seche Vite and NOTD

Products used: Loreal Colour Riche in 602 Perle de jade and in 102 macaroon Noisette. Seche Vite dry fast top coat.

I thought I would brighten up my day by painting my nails in the summer trend colours of nude and mint with the loreal colour riche nail polishes as summer has most definitely left us in the UK. 😦

But at the same time I wanted to post a quick review on Seche Vite dry fast top coat as I am, as the title suggests, completely obsessed with it. I can’t paint my nails without it and rarely go anywhere for a few days without it packed in my bag.

I stumbled across this product in Sally’s about a year ago and the name attracted me. I basically have no patience when painting my nails and allowing them drying time and this has naturally for worse since I have become a mum.

This product takes literally a few minutes to dry and will set the other layers of my nail polish as well. It is super quick and effective and it means I can get on and do the many other things I usually need to do. I also love that it adds a glossy finish to my manicures and stops my nails for chipping for up to a week (although not always).

I highly recommend this product and cannot believe I did not have it in my life until recently. Needless to say I get to have a lot more manicures as its much nicer to have a coat of colour which is flawless which takes no time at all. I love the packaging the bottle, everything about this product make s it feel like a high end purchase but at a great value price of £4.95.

I’m not really sure what to use with the matte trend varnishes though as obviously this top coat will make them glossy. Any suggestions? Whats your favourite top coat and why? xx


4 thoughts on “My obsession with Seche Vite and NOTD

  1. dragonmommie says:

    I just discovered Seche Vite, myself, and I’m pretty obsessed with it, as well. I paid $7.99 USD. Still, with it drying so FAST, I don’t mind paying that much. I used to do my nails, then stay up very late for them to dry and set… I can’t believe, either, just how fast and to the extent it dries… You are totally correct, I can do anything in just minutes after applying it and it doesn’t even matter how many coats are on my nail. Perfect!

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